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Mask Music & Show
... About Us ...

The passion for art, film and theater made Stand Up Entertainment a friend
for all those working in this field and from benevolence, concern and curiosity came on our website
so that we try to provide quality services to our partners.
Items made of papier mache, costumes, furniture, jewelry, locations, vehicles, extras and more
coming to help those who have film production companies, foto-video productions, events, advertising projects and more.
Some of our company's projects and collaborations with various partners:

Intact Media Group - Spot "Unmasking" 2012 - photos and video link
Leo Bucharest Sunshine - Venetian masks and scenography 2013
Stand Up Entertainment - Spot "Charity Water" (own production) 2013
Ascumissa Carnival de Sartene - Venetian masks 2014